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 Where and when was Karen born? Unfortunately it's not easy to know that. I've found various and contrasting news about that. It seems that she was born in South Africa.
More complex is to establish the birth date. I wish to thank Tim that helped me with some precious indications. Tim is a young man that is from United Arab Emirates. He's also been very lucky, since he studied in the same school where Karen studied when she was a teenager; the school is the Dubai College and, as Tim indicated me, it is a school and not a college. When Tim was in the 7th grade she was in the 12th, so there is 5 years difference between them. Through some calculations Tim's indicated me that it's quite probable that she was born in either 1971,1972, or 1973.
Some of you could say: "Yes, ok! But what is the exact birth date?" Well, I don't know, and however it's better not to know that. Why? Because it's inopportune to ask the age of a young lady!